CIA Verified Psychic, Uri Geller, Shares How To Develop Your Limitless Psychic Potential Using Easy-To-Follow Practices Anyone Can Master
Join Uri Geller, The World’s Most Famous Psychic, AND Richard Knight In This Groundbreaking Program To Activate Your FULL Psychic Potential, Even Complete Beginners 
  • ​​Unleash Your Full Psychic Potential 
  • ​​Connect With Sacred Spiritual Energy
  • ​Master CIA Remote Viewing techniques
  • ​Give Mind-Blowing Readings From Day One
What Others Have to Say About Uri...
"Uri is Not a magician. He is using capabilities that we all have and can develop with exercise and practice."

Dr Edgar D. Mitchell S.C.D. Apollo 14 Astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon
"Uri was tested in my laboratory at UCLA. During the experiments in Kirlian photography, he produced three extraordinary photographs in which flashes of energy were clearly visible."

Thelma Moss. Professor of Psychology at UCLA

'Uri Geller has demonstrated his paranormal perception ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.' 

The CIA 

'Uri Geller has demonstrated his paranormal perception ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.' - The CIA 
Join World-Famous Psychic, Cold War Psychic Spy, Best-Selling Author, And Media Personality, Uri Geller, In This POWERFUL, NEWLY REVISED Training.

ONLY HERE IN THE GELLER EFFECT - Uri Shares His Story & Incredible, Easy-To-Follow Practices That You Can Use To Release Your FULL Psychic Potential. 
Join Uri Geller and Richard Knight as they reveal in conversation, how to amplify your psychic ability, attune yourself to limitless sacred energy, deliver STUNNINGLY ACCURATE remote viewings for yourself and others, and channel Universal Energy to attract positive opportunities into your life. 
What’s Included In 'The Geller Effect'?
Lifetime Access to Course Chapters - NEWLY REVISED
'The Geller Effect' is an incredible resource (almost certainly the largest ever compiled) from THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS PSYCHIC. Uri reveals his exact practices, meditations, and techniques alongside his good friend, Richard Knight. You will learn his CIA endorsed techniques for developing profound remote viewing skills, supercharging your Psychic Potential and mind power, and even how to materialize what you want into reality. Plus, much, much, more! 
Signature 'The Geller Effect' Manual 
This is a tailor-made supporting Manual which fits perfectly alongside the chapters within The Geller Effect. 
It will help to enhance details, develop ideas, and fully embed your knowledge, helping everything become second nature to you very quickly. 
‘The Geller Effect’ Certificate of Completion*
When you complete 'The Geller Effect', you’ll receive recognition of your achievement identifying that you are one of a very small group of people worldwide to have studied with Uri Geller AND Richard Knight. 
LIVE Q&A Sessions with Uri Geller and Richard Knight**
Uri and Richard will host LIVE sessions through a dedicated private Facebook group, and you’re invited! You’ll be able to chat directly with Uri and Richard and learn how to maximize the benefit of ‘The Geller Effect’, both for yourself and others, from the Masters themselves. 
In short, you have access to 2 lifetimes’ worth of world-class wisdom right there at your fingertips. 

It's priceless, and ONLY available here with 'The Geller Effect'. 
'The Geller Effect' Facebook Group
When you purchase 'The Geller Effect', you’ll gain access to a private Facebook group. Here you’ll meet others interested in Uri’ work, psychic development, and the paranormal. This is a great place to interact with likeminded people, all called to make the world a better place using the power of the mind!
Here’s What Uri Geller and Richard Knight Will Teach You,
ONLY In 'The Geller Effect'...

Chapter 1 


Module one firstly gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what you’ll learn during this incredible programme. BUT THEN you will learn about Uri’s back story (the real one), how spoon bending changed Uri’s life, and how Uri will be YOUR catalyst for developing your absolute psychic potential. You’ll also learn Uri’s ‘silver ball of light’ exercise to activate your attunement. From there you'll go on to find out how to amplify your impact, so it reaches people all around the world. The session finishes with Uri sharing how he created the 'Geller effect' and how you can too.

  • ​​The Geller Phenomenon – Interview with Uri
  • ​The Format of The Programme
  • ​The Goals of The Programme
  • ​Experience 'The Geller Effect' in Your Own Home!

Chapter  2

The Source of The Power

Module 2 is where Uri and Richard take you through Uri's history of developing his phenomenal powers. You’ll learn where it all started for him, as well as how this now applies to you. Uri and Richard will introduce you to potential sources of your Psychic ability, as well as how Uri can be a catalyst for you in developing further abilities you can only dream of. You will then be invited to personally connect with Uri through a guided meditation where you will experience the most powerful energetic connection. The module closes with an amazing instructional session on spoon bending, so have your cutlery ready!

  • ​Uri’s Childhood Experience with Energy
  • ​Potential Sources of Psychic Ability
  • ​Uri As a Catalyst for the Psychic Abilities of Others
  • ​Connecting To Uri … A Powerful Guided Meditation to Help You Tap into Your Own Potential
  • ​Learn The Most Advanced Techniques for Spoon Bending and Psychokinesis (Pk)

Chapter  3

The Psychic Superstar & The Psychic Spy

We now learn that which Uri has never revealed before. He tells all that he is able to tell of his experiences as a psychic spy during the cold war. Uri reveals how he worked for Mossad and other secret agencies, including how he was recruited and rigorously tested by the CIA. He will tell all about how the 'Stargate' experiments led to the following statement:

'As a result of Geller’s success in this this experimental period we consider that he has demonstrated paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner' -The CIA.

This work has only recently been declassified, but now Uri can talk about this period of his life. He will also talk of studies done with the Stanford Research Institute where he was able to prove his ability once and for all. 

This module will end with an introduction to one of Uri’s most powerful practices - Remote Viewing. This lesson is an absolute ‘MUST’ for anyone interested in the real-world demands of psychic application! 

  • ​Fame and Fortune
  • ​Studies with Stanford Research Institute
  • ​Working with Mossad and the CIA
  • ​An Introduction to Remote Viewing Techniques
  • ​An Interactive Telepathy Experiment with Uri
  • ​Developing the Correct Mindset
  • ​Creating the Perfect Environment
  • ​Recording Your Sessions
  • ​Connecting Through Time and Space
  • ​Animal Telepathy – 3 Amazing Techniques

Chapter  4

Remote Viewing & 'Operation Stargate'

In this module you’ll learn Uri’s methods for improving your psychic awareness. Uri will share how to track your own progress, identify barriers, and then overcome them to amplify your power through meditation and journalling. You’ll also learn the methods and teachings of Ingo Swann, who was the creator of Remote Viewing. Uri will explain how he Swan's teachings and improved them so anyone, no matter their experience, can view psychically with incredible accuracy even over vast distances. 

  • ​The Teachings and Methods of Ingo Swann
  • ​Improving Your Psychic Awareness
  • ​Why Meditation Is So Important
  • ​Journalling – A Powerful Tool for Psychic Development
  • ​Ten Techniques to Build into Your Daily Life to Keep You in Touch with Your Intuition

Chapter  5

Improving Perceptual Awareness

This module opens with Uri revealing how to connect your inner and outer worlds. This powerful practice lets you develop your Psychic abilities naturally and to their full potential. Uri and Richard then share how mindfulness accelerates your progress and how you can use this scientifically proven practice to see better results faster and with even greater clarity. 

Uri closes the session by guiding you through a whole new approach to psychometry that has never been revealed before. This session is all about discovering and then amplifying what’s inside you to connect with what’s around you. This is where you’ll learn how to synchronise your mind power with the world around you to bring about whatever you desire. A whole new world awaits you when Uri and Richard show you the way… 

  • ​​Connecting To the Inner & Outer World
  • ​The Importance of Mindfulness to Psychic Development
  • ​Six Powerful Techniques to Connect to the World Around You
  • ​Psychometry – A Revolutionary New Approach

Chapter  6

The Remote Viewing Process

In this module Uri shares a very rare process, little-known outside key psychic circles. Uri will walk you through the whole process from start to finish, while also sharing professional subtleties and the specific nuances he has personally developed after years of practising it himself. Next, Uri and Richard teach practical approaches to achieving compelling remote viewing results for yourself and others. To help you experience the full impact of this incredible process, Uri will conduct an experiment where you can connect with Uri himself no matter where you are, and really open up to and unlock your full potential.

  • ​First Steps – The 'Stargate' Approach
  • ​Preparing Your Intuition
  • ​Selecting a Target
  • ​A Vital Technique for Staying in Intuitive Flow
  • ​How To Use All Your Clair Senses
  • ​Recording Your Impressions…Accurately
  • ​Connecting with Uri – An Interactive Experiment

Chapter  7

Remote Viewing – An Advanced Approach

In this module Uri and Richard take you even deeper into Remote Viewing.  Uri discloses specific new techniques to use in your practice and how to personalise your work to suit your personality and preferred ways of working. These techniques will sharpen your perception, expand your psychic awareness, and help you zero in on what works best for you personally. 

Uri also reveals the potential that Remote Viewing will create in your personal life. This is phenomenally powerful and will show you ‘why’ Uri teaches Remote Viewing in such depth. The module concludes with an experiment you perform with Uri, and which will blow your mind!

  • ​New Techniques for Exploration 
  • ​Understanding the Potential of Remote Viewing to Change Your Life
  • ​An Interactive Experiment with Uri 

Chapter  8

Beyond Barriers

In this module Uri invites you to apply what you’ve learned about Remote Viewing and join with him to answer TWO great mysteries. First, Uri is going to guide you through a Remote Viewing session to discover the Lost City of Atlantis. Whether you see Atlantis as a metaphor for growth or a lost civilization looking to be discovered, this is for you! 
Then… Uri guides you in expanding your awareness to connect with Sacred Energy imbued with Holy Power by joining him in his mission to find the Ark of The Covenant! 

Again, whether you believe the Ark is real or a metaphor, the practice is KEY to attuning your psychic energy to the powerful Holy Energy that is all around us.

  • ​'Remote Viewing' The Island of Atlantis
  • ​Can We Locate The Ark of The Covenant?
  • ​An Interactive Journey for You

Chapter  9

Spiritual Breakthroughs

This module is where Uri and Richard will help you experience breakthroughs in your own spiritual energy and growth. It begins with Uri sharing how John Lennon saved his life, and the impact that had on him. Uri then shares his process for creating ‘miracle moments’ for yourself and others. You'll also learn how to powerfully demonstrate your power by touching people’s lives, how this practice amplifies your own energy, and how the 'ripple effect' of the miracle moments you’ve created can change the world. 

The power of creating or finding your own spiritual sanctuary will then be revealed by Uri and where he will show you how extending your sanctuary practice will become a portal to connect to your inner knowing. If you feel there are parts of your psyche that you want to truly understand but with which you can’t quite connect, then this will show you how!

  • ​How John Lennon Saved Uri’s Life
  • ​The Spiritual Breakthroughs That Uri Experienced in Japan
  • ​The Power of Creating ‘Miracle Moments’ to Transform Your Life
  • ​A Life-Changing Meditation
  • ​The Energy Behind 11:11
  • ​Using Your Energies to Connect with Nature

Chapter  10

Breaking Free 

This module is very special to Uri. It is where he teaches you how to take your connection of inner knowing (taught in last session) and use it to remotely view your past, present, and future. This practice is a powerful way to realise your truth, desires, fears, and motivations. When Uri works through this practice with his private clients, they often experience profound breakthroughs that allow them to finally chart the course of their future and define the destiny they truly want. Now, you can too as Uri helps you amplify this energy with never-before-shared guided meditations. This is a 'World’s First' and ONLY revealed here in 'The Geller Effect'. 

  • ​Connecting To Your Inner Knowing
  • ​Understand Yourself at An Incredibly Deep Level
  • ​'Remote Viewing' Your Past
  • ​'Remote Viewing' Your Present
  • ​'Remote Viewing' Your Future
  • ​Brand New and Unique Guided Meditations

Chapter  11

Developing Mind Power with Uri - Part 1

In this module Uri and Richard show the ultimate impact behind developing your mind power. Firstly, Uri explains how this own path connected him to multinational organisations, secret spy agencies, world-famous VIPs, royalty, and more, to consult with them on the use of their personal mind power. He will share his closely guarded secrets for achieving success in your life like never before. You’ll learn how you can live the life you want using these coveted insights. To amplify this practice, Uri will show you how he creates an unshakable winning mindset, and why it really matters. 

  • ​Learn Why the World’s Top VIPs & Multi-National Organisations Consult with Uri
  • ​Uri Shares the Secrets to Achieving Success
  • Vital Steps You Must Follow to Reach Your Goals and Fulfil Your Dreams
  • ​Staying Focussed on Your Dreams
  • ​Developing a Winning Mindset
  • Talking to Your Future Self

Chapter  12

Developing Mind Power with Uri - Part 2

This module picks up where we left off with Uri sharing with Richard even more of his secrets for success. This is the real 'inside track' for personal and professional development. If you’ve felt driven to succeed but struggled to get started or take your success to the next level, Uri’s insights will make all the difference for you. You’ll learn to unlock your full potential no matter where you’re starting from, and how to enjoy being 'unstuck and in flow' so much more of the time. 

  • ​More Success Secrets
  • ​How To Become Unstoppable
  • Techniques To Increase Resilience
  • ​How To Programme Your Mind for Success
  • ​Make Sure Your Voice and Message Are Heard in the World
  • ​Removing Blocks and Barriers – A Guided Meditation
  • ​Taking Responsibility for Your Success

Chapter  13

Remote Viewing & Inner Knowing for Readings

This module kicks off with Uri revealing to Richard his unique approaches for delivering mind-blowing, life-changing readings. Discover why Uri uses traditional reading frameworks as a platform and then a springboard to delivering great readings, and how he enhances the impact of the session. Uri also reveals how to get into the right place mentally and emotionally to give powerfully accurate readings, as well as how to work from a place of authenticity. He will reveal how to truly tap into your inner depth to release the universal wisdom and guidance your clients need. 

  • ​New & Unique Approaches to Give Mind-Blowing Readings for Spiritual Workers
  • ​How Remote Viewing Can Be a Powerful Technique for Life Coaches and Therapists
  • ​Reading From a Place of Authenticity and Inner Depth
  • ​Practical Examples of How to Use These Techniques

Chapter  14

Creating Publicity 

Uri Geller is a legend for his ability to generate publicity for himself and his work. This session is an entire course in generating publicity! This is where Uri shares his approach to create the kind of impactful publicity that’s helped him stay at the forefront of people’s minds around the world for the last 50 years. Uri will share what you need to do as well as what you need to avoid, and how to apply it to generate untold growth for your practice and income, and to bring awareness of how you can help to even more people who need it.

  • ​Uri Shares His Approach to Creating Worldwide Publicity Regularly for Over 50 Years
  • ​Learn How You Can Do This for Yourself and Your Own Practice
  • ​Attention to Detail – The Real Secrets
  • ​Charisma Can Be Learnt – Specific Methods to Create a Magnetic Personality
  • ​Learn How to Create Powerful Content for Social Media From The Master of Interactive Engagement
  • ​Creating Controversy – A Highly Powerful Marketing Strategy
  • ​How To Build a Newsworthy Story - Uri’s Specific Strategies

Chapter  15

Conclusion - Building Your Most Amazing Future

In this final module Uri will share his experience, thoughts, and practices to make your future truly amazing. This is where Uri will combine his personal life-lessons into simple, actionable steps that will propel you to where you want to go. All you need is his guidance to get started and to direct your own desire to change your path to step up to the future you deserve. The session closes with strategic, final advice from the world's most famous and successful psychic…of all time! You are in exactly the right place to live to your full, powerful potential AND help many others to do the same. 

  • ​Your Future and How to Make It Amazing!
  • ​Final Advice from The Most Famous and Successful Psychic of All Time


I'm Ready to Unleash My Psychic Abilities with Uri Geller...
Let Uri Help You Realize Your Profound Psychic Potential, Amplify Your Intuition, Remotely View Both Forwards & Backwards Through Time, & Experience Telepathic Connection With Easy-To-Follow, All-Natural Practices That Have WORKED FOR URI FOR 50 YEARS.

Join Uri Geller As He Shares Practices He Personally Used To Develop His Psychic Potential, And Where He Reveals His Work As A Psychic Spy For The CIA. He Also Explores, In Depth, HOW He Can Enable You To Reach Around The World To Impact People’s Lives, No Matter WHERE You Are.

You’ve likely heard stories about Uri Geller… 

He’s the world’s most famous psychic.

He’s been on television - 'The guy who bends spoons'...

But you don’t really know Uri Geller, and for good reason.

The spoon-bending demonstrations on TV are what he’s best known for but his ability to use the power of the mind goes MUCH, MUCH further than that. You could very well say that Uri Geller has led a secret life, hidden behind the façade of his showbiz reputation. 

Uri’s work first attracted the attention of secret government agencies in the 1970s and when he wasn’t working for the CIA developing Remote Viewing abilities, being called on to influence nuclear arms talks, or erasing computer disks with the power of his mind, he was working on TV and becoming known as ‘the spoon guy’, the perfect cover from which he could operate freely. 

Only recently declassified, Uri’s secret work is not in the mainstream public domain and it’s astonishing. 

Exhaustively tested by the CIA, his ability to remotely view objects was quantified as a 1,000,000,000,000 to 1 chance that the phenomenon was anything other than 100% genuine. 

On the 4th August 1973, in a Top Secret document, the CIA wrote 'he has demonstrated his paranormal perception ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner.' That document is now recently declassified and here for you to read for yourself. 

Of course, Uri drew the line at using his power to harm anyone, but the book, and then movie with George Clooney, 'Men Who Stare At Goats', is said to have been based on Uri's work during this period.

Uri is, on one hand, a flamboyant showman (still the perfect cover), and on the other hand, deeply secretive and protective of his work and his legacy. 

That’s until his good friend, Richard Knight, persuaded Uri to reveal his secrets in conversation and on camera for the very first time. 'The Geller Effect' is the result of those conversations. 

It’s proven that everyone has an innate, but often untapped, psychic potential.

Some people know how to use it, some even know how to use it very well, but when two Masters sat down to talk… That’s when some real magic happened. 

Uri Geller is arguably the most gifted psychic of all time; Richard Knight is one of the world’s best educators on the subject. Put them together for a whole week in Israel and Richard was not only able to get the best out of Uri Geller in a way no one else has, but he was also able to break it down so that you can learn from it and share in the incredible ‘Geller Effect’ that Uri uses so naturally, and without thinking. 

Now revised and enhanced for 2023, we invite you to join Richard and Uri at Uri’s Museum in Israel, to learn psychic development techniques from the world’s most famous psychic, like never before. Uri will personally share the methods he created and uses every day to show up ready to create experiences which people around the world rave about.

Join Uri and Richard as they invite you behind the veil to learn the practices of the greatest there has ever been.

- Awaken Your Full Psychic Potential
​- Attune Yourself to Universal Awareness
- Transform Negative Energy and Emotions into Positive Change 
​- Use Remote Viewing to See Through The Beyond
​- Use Easy Methods to Channel Telepathy Correctly
- ​The Little-Known ‘Stargate’ Method, Validated by the CIA
- Create Personal Sanctuaries and Portals 
​- Connect to Sacred Energies
...And Much, Much More!

'The Geller Effect' takes you behind the showmanship and celebrity where you’ll meet the real Uri Geller, the secretive, powerful, psychic genius who has been sought out by world leaders, secret agencies, and the world's most successful people for the last 50 years! 

Does he know something you don’t? You bet he does… But now, for the very first time, you can get to know the real Uri Geller and even be coached by him personally in 'The Geller Effect' live sessions. 

This is WAY MORE than spoon bending, although there is some of that to impress your friends; this is where you will learn about the most coveted secrets of the greatest psychic ever…

Everyone possesses the potential, and that ‘gut feeling’ you sometimes get is your proof. The ability is within… The ‘development’ is what we’re here to show you 'how to' do. 

Richard and Uri know HOW to spot and then grow psychic potential. 

Using proven protocols developed to help ANYONE in any situation develop psychic powers, they will walk you through how to go from wherever you are right now, ALL THE WAY to exploring your full psychic potential. 

If you’re ready to...

- Find Your True Direction with Clear Insights and Knowing
- ​Transform Your Own Life Quickly and with Ease
- ​Expand Your Existing Practice
- Deliver Truly Transformative Experiences for Yourself and Others...

Then you need 'The Geller Effect!' 

Places are limited, but you can enroll now. Get ready to have your eyes opened like never before.
Uri geller - Who He Is & What He’s Known For
Uri Geller is a world-renowned expert in psychic development, mysticism, and channeling telepathic powers.

Uri’s story started in 1969 when he began to realize his psychic potential. Soon after, he became a household name appearing on television and radio shows around the world.

In the 1970s he was called upon by several secret government agencies like the CIA and Mossad to help in their covert operations. Until recently, this work was classified 'Top Secret', and some of it always will be.

More recently, if he isn’t speaking to audiences of political leaders, top CEOs, or celebrities he is producing hit television shows, writing books, or creating art.

Uri loves art and is a well-known student of the great Salvador Dali.

With such a busy life we’re excited he made time to sit with Richard Knight and reveal the real insights behind his methods for activating and amplifying psychic potential. 
Uri is THE expert in psychic potential. In this program, he shares his life's work with Richard Knight, and with you, and it is now even better than ever with the revised and enhanced 2023 edition.

Uri is excited to share his insights, meditations, and protocols, so you can transform your psychic energy into magnetic opportunity. 

Places are limited as you’d expect, so book now while you can.